There is nothing quite like looking into the eyes of someone who is sharing their last dive adventure and seeing the sparkle of passion light up their soul. That sparkle (sometimes coupled with a far-off, dreamy stare) was one of the first things I noticed when talking to scuba divers about their fervor for the water and the things in it. The second thing I noticed was that there was something about that enthusiasm that went deeper and drew me further into their eyes than when I spoke to anyone else about their favorite pastime.

In a recent Facebook question, Divers Alert Network asked subscribers why they dive. Though the responses contained obvious answers like, “seeing the life in the ocean,” nearly every response described the ability to escape the world and the quiet and serenity that being in the water offers. Therapy, in short. Perhaps there is something to say here for what our oxygenated world is doing to us; evolving us back to the water.

The water is home like no forest or desert or mountain peak could be. Though I’m just beginning my journey through the water world, this is something that I have always known and am glad to finally be responding to the call back. I hope that with this blog, I can share the chronicles of my journey with you. I especially look forward to hearing yours. Perhaps somewhere between the lines on the page you’ll sense that sparkle of passion and be caught in the arms of the tranquil deep.