Tranquil Deep – Chronicling my journey from the land to the sea. Sharing the passion we have for the water and why “it’s much better down there.”

A little about me…

I was the least likely person you’d expect to see in the water. Though I was born and raised in Southern California I hardly ever made it out to the beach. Before recently, I can probably count less than ten times that I went into the surf zone at a beach and recall that each time I was afraid of the waves and drowning, so never dared to go past them. Ironically, my favorite weekend activity was going to the local aquarium, the tide pools or playing in the sand at the beach. But I never learned how to surf and I never learned how to swim properly. I loved going to the swimming pool though and, at my friends annoyance, spent the majority of my time swimming under the water where I felt most at home.

The two things I loved most from the earliest time I can remember are horses and the ocean (and everything in it). My first feeling of compassion for sea life occurred when I was 5 years old while watching a nature documentary about sea lions. I recall the screen turning red while hundreds of sea lions were being slaughtered by hunters. In tears, I ran to the TV and began screaming at it and slamming my tiny fist into the channel dial. I couldn’t watch it and even more so, I couldn’t understand the cruel and merciless race in which I found myself a part of. Despite that dramatic act, I spent the next 30 years completely in love with horses.

I’d like to be able to say that there was a distinct event or point in time that recently brought the ocean into the forefront of my life. Instead, I quite literally woke up one day and decided that I needed to be in the water. Like bookmarks in time, I can recall moments where the pull of the ocean was strong but never quite as overpowering as in the last year. And so in May of 2012 my new life began and I am happy to say that I’m finally home.